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::. t h e _ S p i r i t _ i n s i d e .::

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Me, Myself, and I
Name: Ray (that's actually my nickname, but ohwell. I prefer Ray-chan, but it was taken here XD .. therefore, Ray-spirit)

...What else? Since my interests are all stated in my .. interests, I'll just mention the stuff I spazz over (in no particular order):
0) MUSIC (can't live without)
0.5) Anime & Manga (we're all otakus deep inside)
1) JAY<3 (And Junho, and omg2PM. *_*)
2) Eyeshield 21 (never appreciated football 'til I read this series)
3) Bleach (mainly RenjixRukia)
4) Home Made KAZOKU ('cuz they're awesome)
5) Utada Hikaru ('cuz she's awesome too)
6) YUI (fell in love with her music first time I heard it)
7) UVERworld (same with these guys)
8) ayaka. (what can I say? I love her voice)
9) ClaZziQuai project (they're damn good)
10) Epik High (who doesn't love Tablo and Mithra - and DJ Tukutz?)
11) 한경/Hangeng<3. (sorry, I had to go beyond 10... Super Junior's alright, but Hangeng is love. *3*)
12) nobodyknows+ (love their music.)
13) BACK-ON (loved them after hearing 'BLAZE LINE' for the first time *_*)
14) K-ON! (best cutesy anime evar. XD And I absolutely LOVE Mio's voice.)
15) MC몽. (a renewed love for him lately :D)

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Renji/Rukia is everlasting love.

Primary school!Hiruma is bratty love ♥

~ K H R !   M A F I A   B O Y S   A R E   L O V E ~